Knowledge sharing and involvement Video

Dr. Ana-Inés Ansaldo is committed to knowledge translation to end users of her research. Here is an example of a contribution to a Heart and Stroke Foundation video on stroke.

School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology of the Université de Montréal Video

Prepared by the clinic's knowledge transfer committee. Video clip produced by the members: Louise Boulanger, clinic coordinator, Julie Fortier-Blanc, associate professor, Ana Inès Ansaldo, associate professor, David H. McFarland, full professor and François Champoux, assistant professor

COMPAs with Dr. Ana Inés Ansaldo Video

nterview with Nouha Ben Gaied, Director of Research, Development and Quality of Services, Fédération Québécoise des sociétés Alzheimer

Ana Inés Ansaldo Conference Video

The brain has more than one trick up its sleeve. Coping with cognitive aging

The Memorable Lectures - September 2020 Video

Dr. Ana Inés Ansaldo presents a lecture: How to maintain communication with people with neurocognitive disorders?

Conversation with Ana Inés Ansaldo on the Benefits of the Bilingual Brain Video

Ana Inés Ansaldo wowed us all with her insight on the bilingual brain. Thank you, French Morning, for making this talk available on social media